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Wednesday, May 20, 2015



King of Persia - Xerxes
Suppress: Each round, Xerxes attacks all targets in a single row, dealing 130% damage.  For each target attacked after the first, total damage for this round is increased 10%.  Damage is divided evenly among all affected targets.
Steel Heart: Xerxes cannot be silenced.


Elite Mission

1. Make high-quality equipment.
2. Earned in certain events.

When upgrading buildings, you must pay gold to immediately complete the process.


Tab1: War of Three Nations
Tab2: Individual Rank
Tab3: Nation Rank

1. Registered alliances will be split into three nations: Rome, Greece, and Persia.
2. When the event starts, every player will be allotted %d gold bricks. Players can rob gold bricks from players of other \'nations\'.
3. At the end of the event, the three nations will be ranked according to total gold bricks among all of that nation\'s players. Individual players will be ranked within their nation.
4. During the event, any players that join a new alliance will have their gold bricks reset to zero, and any event buff effects will be cleared.

1. The higher your nation\'s share of the total gold bricks, the better player prizes will be.
2. The higher your rank within your nation, the more treasure chests will be earned.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015



Geezer - Koschei
Relentless: Koschei has a 15% chance to resurrect on death with 1 soldier.
Resurrection: With each resurrection, Koschei gains a 5% damage buff, stacking up to 5 times.

Lich - Koschei
Undeath: Koschei has a 30% chance to resurrect on death with 1 soldier.
Resurrection: With each resurrection, Koschei gains a 10% damage buff, stacking up to 5 times.


Monster Soul

Can be earned by "hunting".  They can be exchanged for guardian beasts.

The Dark Forest
Ice Canyon
The Endless Abyss

1. You can exchange monster souls for guardian beasts.
2. You can acquire monster souls by hunting.

1. Select four guardian beasts of equal star rating to use as materials.  You can sacrifice these four beasts to upgrade the star rating of this guardian beast.
2. After upgrading, the beasts used as materials will be removed.
3. When a guardian beast\'s star rating is upgraded, its level will be preserved.

Apologies, one or more of the guardian beasts you have selected are not free for use at this time.
Please verify that none of the selected beasts are marching, garrisoned, or in training.  Please try again after freeing up said beast(s).



宝石附魔优化 (Gems Enchant optimization)
gem_enchant_gold_des: Gold coins are an essential material for Gem Magic.

Tavern V4 Background