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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Challenge the Hero-April 2014

Challenge the Hero is an event that runs about once a month its a neat concept. Basically heros will take over fairly low level wilds every few hours. And you need to defeat the same hero 50 times in order to recruit them. There is a small chance to automatically recruit after each attack. Hero is there for 30 min so this severely limits the area you can march too. Cavalry is best for this event as they march the fastest. The number on the hero statue corresponds to the wild level. So that tile will have around the same number of troops as a wild of the same level. Wilds troop numbers can be found by clicking on the wilds link.

Heros available in the current event
Silent Assassin-Hattori Gr 54 ATK 30 Def 24
Iron Mask Gr 54 ATK 30 Def 24
Berserker-Achilles Gr 54 ATK 30 Def 24
Snow Hunter-Khione Gr 54 ATK 30 Def 24