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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Tree- Dec 2015

I went ahead and did the stats for the random prize exchange. Ill keep working on them but they are pretty solid as they sit

Tuesday, November 17, 2015



God of Destruction - Susanoo
Power of Destruction: Susanoo\'s attacks decrease target\'s defense by 10%, and increases Susanoo\'s attack power by 25%. Stacks up to 5 times.
Totsuka Blade: Susanoo attacks twice in the first round, dealing 75% damage with each attack.


Recharge Gifts!
Recharge a designated amount of gold and choose one of the corresponding prizes to receive! You can only claim one prize per recharge amount during this event.  

New Years Snap-Up!
1.During the event, players can vote for which great items will be available to Snap Up!
2. The top 6 items of each type will be included in the event.
3. Items will be made available for purchase one by one on a set time interval.
4. All players on ALL servers will buy from a limited pool of available items. First come, first serve! Items can be bought more than once!
5. Items will become unavailable for purchase when there are none left, or when the timer runs out.

Candy Legends

Candy Legends (Tab 1)
Witness the meteoric rise and awakening of the Candy Legend! A Christmas 2015 Limited-edition hero, Candy Girl, has arrived to shake things up! During the event, you can quickly and easily awaken this hero, turning her into a 7-star hero!

Candy Evolution (Tab 2)
Evolve Candy Girl (note: *only* Candy Girl) without needing to rebirth her 3 times!
After evolution, her level will be set to 1, and rebirth count set to 0.
During the event, 4-star and 5-star Candy Girl can only be evolved once each.
Candy Awakening (Tab 3)
Epic 6 Star Candy Girl alone may participate in this Awake Mission.
After the Awake mission is complete, the untapped potential of your Candy Girl will be awakened, and she will become a 7-star hero!
Note: Each player may only awaken one hero. Once selected, you cannot change your decision.


Generates a 6-star Divine hero when used (e.g. Poseidon, Hades, Thor, and other such heroes).

Generates a 6-star Demonic hero when used (e.g. Sun Wukong, Death Specter, Dullahan, and other such heroes.)

Yellow Candy Cane
Item needed to awaken Candy Girl. Can be earned in the Christmas Tree event.

Red Candy Cane

Rainbow Candy Cane

Time Candy
Magical candy with the power to preserve youth. Used to evolve Candy Girl.

Spend %d gold coins to open, and gain a randomly-selected 3 of the following: 5-star gems, 6-star gems, 5-star heroes, 6-star heroes, orange-tier equipment, and red-tier equipment.


1. A fully reincarnated legendary 4 star hero can be evolved into a legendary 5 star hero.
2. After the hero is evolved, the hero\'s level will be reset to 1 (or you can choose to preserve the current level), and rebirth count set to 0.
3. In order to evolve a legendary 4 star hero into a legendary 5 star hero, 4 different materials are needed.
 a) The Elixir of Evolution can be acquired by reaching 80 points in daily missions. You can choose to also buy it immediately.
b) %s
 c) The Medal of Evolution can be won in the Arena or purchased.
 d) The Scroll of Evolution can be won from attacking player cities or purchased.
Donate %1$d %2$s (equipment creation material).

1. Choose a target piece of equipment and a "resource" piece of equipment. Pay gold coins to "recast." After recasting, the target equipment will have the level and forging value of the resource equipment, and the resource equipment will be destroyed. Any gems still inlaid/socketed in either piece of equipment will automatically be placed in your gem bag.\n a)The target equipment must be %1$s tier or higher.\n b) The resource equipment must be of the same type as the target equipment, and be of higher level and forge value than the target equipment.\n c) If the target equipment\'s level or forge level is higher than 1, after recasting, you will be refunded %2$d%% of soulstones spent and %3$d%% of spent forge stones.\n2. Set item property transfer details:\n a) When target equipment is a set item and the resource equipment is not: target equipment set property unchanged.\n b) Target equipment is not a set item, resource equipment is: target equipment gains set properties of resource equipment.\n c) Target and resource equipment are both set items: Target equipment\'s set-item property will change to that of the resource equipment.\n3. Equipment you wish to use in the recasting process cannot be equipped by a hero at the time. Please remember to remove it first!
Increase troop\'s attack, defense and HP by 50% for 7 days.