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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Recharge Hero Bahram- June 2014

To get the 5* version will cost you 180Gc-200 Gc depending on if you level him yourself or not.

You have 4 tasks to complete to get the 5* Bahram

  1. Get him to lvl 30 either pay the 20gc or level him traditionally
    1. reward: Strength Jade
  2. Buy the thing you don't really get 40 Gc
    1. reward:bastard sword
  3. Buy something else you don't really get 60 Gc
    1. Reward:Sharpened blade Skill as seen above
  4. Yet again buy something you don't really get 80 Gc
    1. 5* hero rather than the 4* version. 50 Gr