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Thursday, August 27, 2015



Fertility Goddess - Hathor
Protector of Souls: As long as Hathor is on the battlefield, she is the primary target of her opponents (if you play with multiple Hathors, the one with the highest HP will be the priority target).
Light of the Sun God: Hathor takes 40% reduced damage.


Hero Temple

1. Occupy a Hero Temple, choose the hero you wish to train, and you can earn lots of EXP for that hero. You cannot choose another hero once you have selected one for training.
2. If the Hero Temple is invaded by another hero, the invading hero can steal part of the experience gained by your hero. Invading heroes can be driven out.
3. All soldiers lost when driving invaders from temples (those lost by the defender AND attacker) will be returned.
4.Heroes invading a Temple cannot simultaneously receive training at another Hero Temple.

恶魔城常驻修改 (Castlevania permanent modification)


Three monstrous heroes guard the Demon Castle. Defeat them to win prizes!
1. Alliance members can achieve victory in the magic tower, in the arena, against world map monsters, or against player cities to earn different kinds of warfare points.
 a) When your Alliance has enough points, the Alliance Leader or vice-Leader can spend warfare points to unlock the Demon Castle.
 b) Each player can earn a maximum of %d warfare points per day.
2. When the Demon Castle is unlocked, there will be a set time for Alliance members to prepare.
3. Once the Demon Castle takes enough damage, it will be replaced by an Ultimate Demon Castle. Defeat the Ultimate Demon Castle to release many monsters carrying precious loot onto the world map. Make sure to kill them quickly!
4. Limit one instance per day per Alliance (of any difficulty level).
5. The Demon Castle and warfare points counters will reset at 0:00 server time each day.
6. Each player can only kill one Goblin each.


Mystic Treasure Chest
Requires Gold Coins to open. Contains a random item.

Mystic Treasure Key
Opens one Mystic Treasure Chest for free.

Imperfect hilt
The broken-off hilt of a sword. Use it in Awake Missions.

Dragon blood
The blood of a great dragon. Use it in Awake Missions.

Phoenix feather
The feather of an immortal phoenix. Use it in Awake Missions.

Warrior\'s soul
The soul of a fallen warrior. Use it in Awake Missions.

Broken bones
These bones must have come from an enormous beast. Use it in Awake Missions.

Use a Mystic Treasure Key to open this Chest?

Not enough Mystic Treasure Chests!

1. Every day you can enter the event %1$d times for free, and you can pay for up to %2$d more.
2. 100%% troop recovery after event-related battles.
3. Defeat a level\'s boss to earn a prize!
4. Scales dropped by the bosses can be exchanged for items.
5. Paying for an entry into the event will reset your challenge record.

You are out of attempts. Please tap &quot;confirm&quot; to quit.</string>
Champion of Troy - Hector

Wrath of Carthage - Hannibal

First Warrior: Defense +15%.

Strength of Faith: Attack power +30%.

Eternal Glory: Damage dealt to Hector in the first round -25%.

Buy Popularity: Attack +15%.

Fight Fire With Fire: Defense +30%.

Evolving Tactics: 50% chance to perform an additional attack against a random enemy in the first round.

A battle may not have taken place for one of the following reasons:
1. One player had no army ready.
2. One or both players did not meet all the preconditions for battle.
Note: there is no option to spend Gold Coins to buy all the rewards during the first 5 levels of the Magic Tower.
Send your forces to battle monsters all over the map, for you may find %1$s on the bodies of world map monsters.

Heroes from all over the world can be found in the Arena, where you can also earn %1$s.

A hero\'s one real ambition is to invade and capture territory. You can find %1$s by attacking other players\' cities.

Robin Hood: Growth 54, 4S, 5-star hero. Crit rate+20%%,Crit dmg +100%%.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Should Abnoba have access to the test server?- A survey Please take a moment

Many of you have been asking for the statistics on the new features of the game. As I am not a millionaire and this blog really doesn't make me that much lol this is slow going. Once upon a time I had access to the test server where I was able to play as a millionaire and get everyone the stats they were looking for. That is no longer the case. I have asked the Developers several times for access to the test server their response has been become a GM.... the Gm's have not had access in months I have been informed. So to whichever developer or technician reads my blog that has the power to do something I am asking YOU for access to the test server. I know one of you does once I post things here they seem to get fixed much faster than any other method.

Here is my proposal. Grant me access to the test server as well as the Gold Coins to be able to be an efficient tester and I will point out all the flaws that I find. None of the information will be shared until it is released in game. And you will benefit from a through tester, you can see from the evidence of this blog that I am detail oriented and dedicated to this game. You once trusted me to lead the GM team and I resigned that position of my own free will. All I am asking now is to be an extra pair of eyes to find the flaws in game before they are published to the masses. For example the new orange gems why the 6* are lower than even the 4* versions is beyond me but someone should have noticed that long ago...

You can email me at
or via qq my number is 2043665125

I also know how much you guys like your evidence so I even made a survey so we can see how many players would also like for me to have test access.

What I would like to test first:
What is "Damage" and how does it affect anything else?
What is "Dodge" and how does it affect anything?
might try to find the force calculations again... not sure though thats a big headache.
I've been asked to record the new heraldry levels as well
what effects do the new gems and new equipment have on game play
thats the short list please feel free to leave a comment if you would like it added to