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Monday, January 26, 2015

A Letter to Developers of Age of Warring Empire

As a player of Age of Warring Empire for nearly three years. I have noticed that cheating is rampant. All players have noticed that cheating is rampant. Players quickly lose interest and are not willing to invest in a game where players can just add what they like to their accounts freely.

one glaringly obvious source of cheating was the tower bug. Where players could collect tower rewards as many times as they pleased. This allowed for many players to gain a permanent advantage over other players that was never corrected. Many player who abused this bug were caught and their gems reduced. Many as well did not have their accounts checked. And still have many level 100 gems that they never earned.

I have ran the calculations using the best case scenario where a player is able to have 12 lvl 9 strongholds for a full two years. (v4)Two years being the approximate time that gems have been released. Using this scenario and gaining a gem on every hit in the first gem slot search (the most cost effective ideally) a player who has been doing this method for a full 2 years spending all their copper coins on gem searches and getting a 1 star gem every 240 search would be able to have no more than 7 level 100 6* gems. This would account for every scrap of exp gained from gem searches.

Now I know there is a margin of error, but taking into consideration that every gem search does not produce a gem. This will offset the difference. 4 level 100 6* gems is a much more reasonable number.

To buy enough exp to make 7 level 100 6* gems you would need to 3,945 Experience gems which would be most effective. That would cost 390,539 GC. The equivalent of $20,307 USD.

What I propose is this, create a function to check accounts, flag all accounts that have more than 4 lvl 100 gems. Cross check those accounts for gc spent and cc obtained. Then investigate those accounts that are left over. If they are found in violation then reduce their gems to acceptable levels. Again these calculations are based on a server being open for two years. HOw long a server has been open will affect these estimations greatly.

You are losing money daily because you do not seem to care about cheating in the game. Cheaters brag about cheating and getting away with it. You lose paying players everytime this happens.